Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use ClinicArrow from my smartphone or tablet?
ClinicArrow can be accessed by any device that has an internet browser. For example, smartphone, tablet, desktop, and laptop. ClinicArrow is a secure web based application.
What do I need to setup, configure, or download on my local device?
Nothing more than an internet browser, , however you will need to have Microsoft excel 2007 or above to export reports to excel documents (Optional).
How do I sign up?
Simply click on Subscribe , Select your membership type, and fill your details. Your account credentials will be created and sent to your email within 24 hours.
What will happen to my data if I didn't renew my membership?
In that case, the clinic data will be saved in our records for 90 days, and then will be permenantly erased if account is not renewed.
Can I refund?
Yes, you can refund full amount before 30 days. In that case all your data will be immediately and permenantly erased from our records.
What if the training is not enough?
ClinicArrow is designed by interface experts to simplify the clinic flow as much as possible, however in rare cases some users needs more clarifications. You can simply contact our Technical support by mail, or schedule an online FREE skype session (User:clinicarrow)
Can I use ClinicArrow with a Mac?
My language is not there!
You can simply send a request to our Technical support and your language will be added for FREE within few days.